Hi there, I’m Christine. I am a preschool teacher and a self-proclaimed introvert.

My Story
I have been in my current teaching position since September 2014, and I still often think about my interview with my boss. I had been on many interviews over the years, but she was the first one to comment on my introversion. Her words were: “Now you are clearly a quiet person, can I count on you to have those difficult conversations with parents?” I was certainly surprised at this comment! First, to even read me so well within a few moments of us meeting and discern that I’m an introvert, but to call into question my ability to do my job because of this personality trait. I suppose all’s well that end’s well because she clearly believed in my skills as a teacher. Since then, I have hopefully proved that even an introverted teacher can and will have those difficult conversations with parents that all teachers have had.

My Life
I have been teaching since 2009. I started as a 3s and 4s teacher then found my calling as a toddler teacher, of which I have been for the last five years! Outside of teaching, I live a relaxed-paced life with my boyfriend and our two cats. I seem to enjoy quiet and sometimes solitary hobbies:  yoga, running, and long reading sessions with my favorite books.

Enough about me, what about you? Come say hi! Let’s bond from the comfort of our own couches.

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