Daily Life

Cats and More Cats

I have been volunteering at an animal shelter for over a year now. I give all the love and snuggles to cats. And feed them, and clean a bit too. I used to volunteer on Friday evenings after work. Now I go on Saturday mornings. Sometimes it gets a bit slow. Other days I need that slowness. It can be a relaxing break from real life and gives me a solid chunk of time just ruminate on things.

Some days I don’t even really think about anything at all but just focus on the task at hand if it’s a particularly busy day of jobs to do. Last time I spent three hours playing with cats and it didn’t even seem that long.

I thought it would help me meet new people. That hasn’t really panned out. I suppose not many people spend their precious Friday nights or Saturday mornings chilling with cats.  That might be why… Oh well. Cats are cool too.

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