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I started listening to podcasts a couple of years ago. And more recently I have discovered it gets me through my training runs a lot better than music. I listen to podcasts when I commute to/from work, when I do dishes, or in the shower.

One of the first podcasts I listened to, that I can remember at least, is the Nerdist Podcast. I didn’t like Chris Hardwick in the beginning. I wondered why he talked so fast and was so excited about everything. Now I’m a fan. I like the range of guests on his show, I tend toward listening to the episodes with people who are familiar to me. Jodie Foster’s interview was memorable to me.

10% Happier with Dan Harris. I read his book, with the same title, awhile back, towards the beginning of my journey into meditation. He interviews famous and notable people who also meditate. All their journeys are so different and interesting. I enjoyed Thupten Jinpa’s interview. He is the English translator for the Dalai Lama.

The Minimalists. I like their podcast more than their books and documentary. The tend to say the same thing, and answer different questions with the same answers. But it is still an interesting podcast. Now I just need to keep going with my minimalist mission… I haven’t listened to this one in awhile.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking.  I love this one. Nora McInerny speaks about and interviews others about awkward or painful major life subjects that no one talks about when you ask, “How are you?” There were multiple episodes where I cried. While running. I mean, full on crying. Those were interesting experiences.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. I love this one too. At first I was like, eh, I’m not religious. Then I actually listened to it, and I’m like, yes! More please! I’m a big HP fan though. They use spiritual and religious practices to analyze each chapter of the HP books.

I also listen to This American Life.

I realized that podcasts help broaden my thinking. I would consider my life to be a small life. In that I work in a classroom with the same people, I hang out with my same friends, I read my favorite genre of books and watch not a lot of TV.  I run the same routes, go to the same yoga studio classes. I’m a homebody too, and don’t always spend my free time having new experiences.

But I love traveling and having new experiences, don’t get me wrong. I do get energized doing those things when I do get out. For the most part.

However, podcasts have given this introvert a somewhat passive way to indulge in more active contemplation. They broaden the way I see issues, the way I see the world. Some of them are just for fun too of course.

What are your favorite podcasts?


2 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. LOVE podcast, listen to them all day but especially love them while running, they really make the time fly by! Love This American Life, New Yorker Radio Hour, and also On Being–that’s sort of a spiritual podcast, the host Krista Tippett talks to all sorts of different people about a range of topics all sort of centered around spirituality. I’ve been getting lots of suggestions for new podcasts lately, love your list too. It’s great, but I don’t have nearly enough time to listen to everything I want to listen to!

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    1. I go on a podcast kick every so often and listen to as many podcasts as possible. However, like you said, there isn’t enough time to listen to everything! I’ll look into On Being. Haven’t heard of that one.


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