Daily Life

Yay Cats!

We have two cats, Phil and Bender. I love to talk about them. Well, to those who ask anyway. Not to random strangers.

I come from a cat family. Currently amongst my immediate family we have eight cats. We always had cats growing up, dogs too. Thankfully I found a partner who is just as cat friendly as I am.

Phil is my big, black cat. The vet says he is overweight. Sigh. He loves dry food, and eats nothing else. My other cat is the beggar of whatever delicious food my boyfriend is eating. He leaves my food alone, funnily enough. Phil is so chill, impossibly sweet and the friendliest of the two. He loves everyone. He hates the car but makes new friends whenever we go to the vet. He loves to chase shadows and reflections, has one favorite feather toy and finds the most impossible places to hide and nap.

Phil the jungle kitty on our balcony.

Bender is my Mama’s boy. He is the cutest trouble-maker, he loves all his toys, and is never too far away from me or my boyfriend. He insists on sleeping right in between us at night. He is a high maintenance and high-stress cat. We are about to try out a second medication to help his anxiety and help him stop over-grooming his legs, feet and stomach.  He’s a little patchy to say the least. Bender has the “black mark” in his vet file. To go to the vet I give him a sedative before we leave, and then I drop him off for the day so they can sedate him even more in order to even examine him. Poor kitty. Good thing I love him so much….

Bender in a good napping spot. Notice the patchy, short hair on his leg, this is major progress actually.

Bender and Phil came from an animal shelter. I got Bender  (with my previous boyfriend, he chose the names) when he was ten weeks old. They recommended getting two kittens, we chose not to. We learned our mistake quickly. Whoops. Two months later we got Phil. They are both six years old now. They have been a great pair from day one. They balance each other out quite well.

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