Daily Life

Always Early, Never Late

I met up with a new friend today. I got to the restaurant early, texted her that I’d get us a table, and then waited the ten minutes until she arrived at the previously agreed upon time. When she arrived she laughingly said, “I forgot that you always show up early!” How well she remembers one of my quirks after only meeting up twice since we’ve met!

I am always early. To everything. If I am not ten-fifteen minutes early then I’m late. I get to work early. My boyfriend and I are habitually the first people at the gate waiting for a flight. I have circled city blocks because I arrived really early to an interview, an appointment or what not. I am more often than not, too early. I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a good thing. I’m not always even happy to be that early, like when I arrived so early to a baby shower than I was one of the first people there, and didn’t even know the other early birds. Not an ideal situation for an introvert.

I haven’t fully realized why I have a need to be early for everything. But I think it helps me feel calm and in control when I arrive at my destination. Comfort in knowing I can scope out the environment and get my bearings. I don’t want to feel rushed or panicked because I’m late.

Whatever the reason, it works for me, most of the time. When it doesn’t work, I’ll just be the one sitting by myself, placing a hopefully convincing look on my face that says I’m perfectly comfortable being the first one there.

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