The Quiet One

A Moment of Peace and Quiet

There is never a dull moment during my work day. From the moment the first child arrives in my classroom to when I leave, there is always some kind of movement or sound occurring. I am always on. When I am at work, I do pretty well at focusing on work, on the children. I am not one to daydream or think about my outside life, unless I’m particularly stressed or have something big going on in my life. Therefore, I have some moments throughout my day that offer me time to recharge my batteries. Moments that give me the peace and quiet that I crave as an introvert.

  • I arrive to work at 6:45 to prep for the day and spend a few minutes relaxing with my coffee before I open the school doors at 7:30. As I walk down the stairs to the front door I pause, take a deep breath and say a mantra to myself such as, “Today is going to be a great day.”
  • I  leisurely walk to the bathroom when I get a bathroom break to take a breather and enjoy the relative quiet of the hallway.
  • When I take a sip of water. Seriously. Just those few seconds of taking a drink of water can be a moment of peace for me!
  • Sometimes I don’t socialize with my co-workers in the break room during my hour-long break during the children’s nap time. This allows me even more time to myself. At first I thought I would be seen as anti-social, but some days I just need a moment to myself! My co-workers know me enough to know that I’m pretty introverted. I do this particularly during our more stressful or busy days, or if we have a work event or training after the school day.
  • When we go outside for a walk or to play I will take a few ,very brief seconds to enjoy my surroundings.

I am sure there are more moments that are so quick or ingrained in my daily life at work that I don’t remember them right now.

Do you carve out moments of peace and quiet during your day?

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