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Routine Brings Me Peace (and good sleep)

I’m really good at sticking with a routine. In the morning at least. Wake up at 5 am, get ready, make/eat breakfast, brush teeth, clean the cats’ litter boxes, sit for meditation, go to work.

What I have not always been good at is my night-time routine.

There were always way too many factors going on after work that I could not for the life of me get a good rhythm going to my evening. After trial and error I found what works for me, specifically, a bed time routine. As in, a routine such as the ones I’m sure the families in my classroom have for their children at bedtime. This routine brings me peace after a long day of work, it sets me up for a better tomorrow.  It’s reliable and almost comforting  at times.

I used to aim to be in bed at 9:00. Then I found Calm. My friend recommended it to me after I told her how both my boyfriend and I are terrible sleepers. I still wake up twice a night (once to pee, the other just because that’s what I’ve alway done). This supplement creates such restful sleep for me. I can now go to bed around 10:00 and wake up in the morning feeling alert. So nice! I have more time to enjoy my evening instead of worrying that it’s getting closer to 9:00 and I haven’t done anything yet.

I also take this supplement, Stress and Mood Support. You are supposed to take two but I only take one. They’re expensive!

While I drink my Calm I start the diffuser in my bedroom, I diffuse two essential oils, Lavender and Cedarwood. Then I get into bed and either do a quick before bed yoga sequence, similar to this one. Or I do a quick breathing exercise (counting my breaths or meditating on the inhale/exhale).

The last major player of my successful bed time is my pillow. I’ve gone through so many awful pillows that lead to neck pain and migraines. Now I use this pillow recommended to me by my chiropractor. I hated it for a week, now I love it. This pillow actually makes me look forward to going to bed, even on a work night.

Do you have any morning or night-time routines that work for you? What does routine bring for you?

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